New Year – Setting Goals

As we think back over the past year what could we change or have done differently? Perhaps you have not set your goals or just chucked them out the window! And without goals you have no direction or destination to head. However setting goals is an act of careful consideration and mindset.

Setting Goals

Due to the correct mission of setting goals you want motivational ways to keep you heading in the right direction. And by keeping motivated towards the needs and wants you have will give you a better successful plan. Goals require commitment and hard work. Also a frame of mind, when you lead yourself down the maybe tomorrow path, your goals have already not been met. And to feel a positive “I must do this”, attitude to achieving your well on your way to success.

By setting your path to attaining what you may want to achieve be reasonable and specific. Maybe you have tried this before and set you goals out of range, I want to make a million dollars by next year but had no plan to get there. Then is fact you are left depressed and demoralized at not achieving anything you hoped for.

Also put a time limit on when you want to meet these targets. If you let yourself wonder all over, again end up with nothing but a pipe dream. This adds a sense of urgency to your mission. When I look back over time all I have done is dream big but never put it into action!

setting goals
Set goals concept with colorful stickers on blackboard

Make a Plan

And with anything that you want and need to make real, write it down! Also write positive actions, make a post that you see daily. Perhaps sticky notes with steps to take each day, on the mirror, wall, computer or even the refrigerator, all in daily plain site! And make a list of what you need to do to get there, cross them off as you do, that is a visual of accomplishment.

How many times have you said to yourself, I need to lose 10 pounds by vacation? And by that time you have gained weight! And when you think abut how you set this goal, was it in writing or just a thought process? Due to the ease of that cookie looking at you, of why not its only one cookie, you fail to succeed that day! With that being said what is your plan of action? Maybe a diet with cookies included! Go Here!

Examples of Goals


And a diet is the perfect way to set goals and plans of action. Due to watching the pounds melt away and achieving the goals set you succeed. Which is the same with everything we do.

Key points to setting goals is more than saying you want something. By clearly writing down what you want and steps to making it happen will be the satisfaction needed.

Another example, your day job is taxing and the travel is a headache! What goals setting comes to mind? Maybe getting out of all that, but trying something new and not what you were taught growing up. Perhaps working from home without the 9-5 stresses? As one myself, the goal setting is a challenge, all the monkey wrenches that get thrown into a day, make a goal fail!

With all things comes these initials, do you live these? And the definition Reset-Refocus-Recommit! Let me be the first to introduce you to a perfect way to put goals into action, and make income too. And we know there are many options on the internet!

Performance Blogging System- Relief from 9-5 Grind

Due to the work in progress and goal setting required, this is how I was able to get out of the non-sense of dealing with bosses that only worry about there pocket. And not to mention the taxing on the whole body. Also finding the right program that would teach me the ways do achieve success.

However, you have to have what it takes, goals, actions and the willingness to learn a hole new world. And when I look back and am being true to myself, I have learned many ways. Maybe not in the direction I should have taken myself at times, goals crushed, outside negativity, all things that can cloud judgement.

As you head into 2019 what dreams do you have for your future, more money, loose weight, saving for vacation? Always start by goal setting and stick to it!

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays, fun family times! When I look back it was always a mad dash going from one house to the other. All the time not realizing what I would miss as I grew up and family members were no longer here. And of course it is a part of life but thank goodness for the memories. All the adults sitting at the big table decked out with all the pretty flowers, candles and place settings. And the kids table not so equipped due to danger and just to keep us focused on food. Many fond memories that I wish were still in place. Now as we grow and have our own families times have changed. As a grandma of course I go to see my grand-daughters, so they can play with there gifts and open presents that are given to them.

Home for the Holidays

What that means to so many of us is being in our homes surrounded by all those we love and cherish. Gifts of food, toys, flowers and so much more are exciting and fun. Many laughs, maybe a few happy tears! Due to many of our choices to better ourselves, many young men and women leave home to fight for our country! And often they are not able to be home with there loved ones due to the dates of there tours.Home for the Holidays

As now that was not the way in the past some can face time with family but still can you imagine how hard the distance is! Yes they signed up and it is all part of the circumstances they have to face, but non the less hard on all involved. Have you ever considered sending care packages or cards to brighten those soldiers days? As a small own person my church does send out gift boxes to children in need of happiness, and letters to soldiers, we should all show compassion! If you are not sure where to get this information, find a recruiting office near you and get addresses and show these people you care!  Also you can ADDRESS’S FOUND  HERE!

Gifts of Love All Year Long!

So many choices but there is always that one or so family or friend who buys what they want! Therefore think outside the box! Due to the love and well must have, how about the gift of Fine Wine! And with this unending gift the new experiences are exciting every month! With this ever growing love of wine your gift will continue to spark imagination, conversation and vast experiences! Get the full scoop here!

Home for the Holidays

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Being home for the holidays is not always possible for some, so this season think about those who cannot. Reach out and put a smile on someones face that you may not even know.We should all express the love of the season, after all who has guided us to love one another as He has loved us! God Bless and have a wonderful, caring holiday season!


What’s Hot In Our World!

Hot Topic’s and Trend’s is what we offer you today! So many trends have come and gone. But one thing for sure, everything that can be delivered to your door is only getting more important. And if you were to take a pole of choice, drive around or order online, online wins! Most importantly, we stay up on what is happening now in our surroundings.

Sound the Horn for These Offers!

What’s Hot in our World

In our ever-changing way of doing things, shopping being at the top of the list, many just don’t want to go to stores. Also not to mention the internet is how we do most anything now, recipes, clothing, banking and so much more. The world we live in and the cultures that surround us are changing fast. As is the way we shop by or follow an ad on social media. The trends are in your face all day long. And with that being said think about the money to be made and the savings you are getting right in front of you.

Here we have some of the biggest offers to the ones you may never think about. Have you given any thoughts too early Christmas presents, the gifts that keep giving all year long?  Perhaps free or things that will help you to live a better lifestyle. After all, we want to stay fresh and bring you some amazing offers to enhance your way of shopping and creating great income as well.

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Residual Income and Your Future

Residual Income and Your Future what are your plans for retirement and what goals do you have? Besides monthly bills, how about vacations, wouldn’t it be great to not worry about the finer things in life. Here we have a solution to get you headed in the right direction.

Residual Income and Your Future

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Coffee Weight loss

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residual income

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Father’s Day Deals

Father’s are the foundation for developing a strong family. And, we all know our Dad’s need to be recognized too. For decades our men whether grandfathers, fathers, uncles or whatever there roll, they have shown the strength to guide us. When I was young the memories I have of my father, he worked hard and played hard as well. As an avid hunter and fisherman, he provided food and many life lessons. And with his hands could do most anything.

Dad’s Teaching

He taught me how to build things, work a garden,raise and care for animals, this man had something for everything. Therefore could fix or build anything, and perfectly, no short cuts for him. Due to his heart and caring for others he had many come to him for help, probably too much. He was a strong and proud Marine that did come with downfalls, what we now call PTSD, we as his family believe plagued him. The loss of close friends in the war, no human can just put it aside, and dealing with it can come out in many ways. Unfortunately, my Dad turned to alcohol. Always, slow at first, then more and more until all day long, 8 years, of ups and downs, the hole family is affected. And then, boom the bottom falls out and he gets better. Many struggles but finds the true meaning of the man he was meant to be. So you see he even in those rough years never did I not celebrate him on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Gift Idea’sfather's

Many of us struggle to find that special gift that would put a little smile on Dad’s face. And now our father’s are all different with different likes. Now we have brought to you some great tips and ideas, to make that day extra special. Perhaps you have a man who loves to relax and enjoy some great conversation, or maybe a romantic night with a great meal. And here we have an amazing offer to make that perfect gift come to life. Take the tour of this worthy gift. Also this is the gift that keeps giving all year long and delivered right to your door.

Another great idea is how to build an saving for free! And there is no need to add money to your account but possibly you will want to, your choice. Due to this amazing free download you can give a little plan that can grow right in front of your father’s eye’s. There is no Dad on earth that doesn’t like money right! Also besides the fact that it is free you get coin right off the jump. Go get started now and give this sign up to your special man. Right here get going!

Maybe your man likes the home entertainment center idea, now we know you a way to deliver that family night to any father. Many of our families run away from time together. This is an awesome way to re-create the family bond we all need, fun gatherings, laughs, creating memories and just spending time together. At home entertainment is such a great idea to make family time come back! Check out the offer here to make all this happen. Listen up here.

So many idea’s right here!father's

In conclusion, but definitely not the only offers we have, all these great offers are brought to you thru extensive research we have done. And with all that we have offered here, there is no need to shop any more. And then perhaps the man is tired of working so hard and getting no where. We also have the gift of working from home building his future, and something most important, passing on a wonderful plan for his family.Work from Home Now!

Gifts-Mother’s Day

Gift’s are something that covers so many special occasions or just a well thought of a person in your life. And with Mother’s Day approaching, here we have found some great gift idea’s that maybe you hadn’t thought of. Maybe, not your mother but a friend or a mother to be, all ladies like gifts. As a mother myself, my gift is my daughter and my grand daughter’s, they are my gifts. But when it comes to my mom giving her that special something can be a struggle, what do you get when she buys whatever she wants to make her day a special memory. Therefore by searching through the internet, I have found great idea’s for her. Take the tour below you will not be disappointed.

Artisan Soap 

So many people have allergies to products on the market. By finding this amazing line of skin care, we have solved many a problem for you. There is nothing in these products that harm you in any way. Due to the careful research and development and the why behind them, you will just have to give them a try. Also the beautiful packaging and variety for each category. Perhaps’s a spa treatment for the special lady in your life, the best part is not leaving the house. Drop a bomb in your water, lock the door, turn on soft music and relax. By all means, add a luxurious body scrub to help your skin feel more youthful. Mother’s Day rewards, free shipping on orders over $25.00 and specials, it’s a win-win. Get your package ordered!  

Fine Wine 

With all the gifts that keep giving here is one that will stand true. Mind you I do give my Mom other gifts, however, she also gets a bottle of wine as well. And let me tell you, she is picky. However, never hear a bad word on the wine. Due to the term “fine wine”, how can this not be the best gift? And they are from all over the globe.Image result for wine and women photos

Hand selected and just waiting to be enjoyed by all. Also, you get a love letter with each case, which has where the wine came from, description, and what food it pairs with. Can you just imagine the excitement of opening that delivery each and every month. Go ahead and place your order to have it here when the special day rolls around. And then plan a special evening with the perfect wine choice, the meal that pairs with it, add some beautiful flowers. We are here to help create memories that last a lifetime. Check out the love here!

Always add your fresh scents, whether it be candles or perfumes, we have you covered. Those beautifully scented candles add a fresh aroma to any room. May is an unpredictable month, still could be chilly enough not to get fresh air in your home, by adding some special scents bring the fresh flowers inside. Also, do not forget to add a perfume to the list.T hat one scent that makes your lady stand out. And also get these great scents for amazing prices and most likely extra bonus’s on pricing. Refresh your home and the special lady here! Follow here for more details.

In conclusion, all ladies need to be treated with respect and love everyday, but this one day marks a very special occasion for mothers of all ages. Above we have given you some wonderful idea’s to make that day standout in the memory book. By giving the gift’s of life to so many, or perhaps just bringing some else’s child into there hearts don’t you want to say thank you in a very special way?

Image result for Mothers day photos