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Teaching Tools And Home Schooling

Here we understand teaching from home and provide tools subjects. Also included are teaching supplements including the NEST Animated New Testament, Animated Bible Stories and Animated Hero Classics series. We understand how important selecting the right home school tools is for your family, so we carry many of the respected home school material for all subjects and grade levels including trusted home school subject brands.


This is all about Fine Wines and what is referred to as Wine Magic. There are so many ways to enjoy wine, when you part wine with your life Magic happens. Its calming, relaxing the atmosphere and just plain takes the stress of your life away like Wine Magic!
wine-food pairing

Wine Magic

Wine-Food Pairing

Wine-Food pairing is a science — there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Just ask a sommelier. And some pairings are obvious. The mastery of Wine-Food Pairing, makes an ordinary meal to an extraordinary event. Knowing some basics about how to pair foods to wines can help enhance your enjoyment of both. With Direct Cellars package come with ideas of what foods pair with the Wine you receive. What a brilliant idea to help us. You can make any meal become an exciting event.